HR Strategy in Transforming Organisations


HR Strategy in Transforming Organisations

Course Dates:
11/11/2018 To 16/11/2018

USD $ 8300

Language of Instruction:

Strengthen your ability to leverage culture, drive integration and boost morale. By focusing on people, this highly interactive workshop- style programme enables you to effect change within your organisation and realise your strategic vision.

Inspirational world-class faculty ensures this experience delivers a clear agenda on how an effective HR division can support and enhance an organisation’s business performance.


Who is the programme for?

For senior professionals across the organisation, including:

HR directors

Specialist HR advisors

Leaders of change programmes

Chief learning officers

Business unit heads


Programme focus

Creating a vision for your organisation using a ‘Living Strategy’

How to develop a highly motivated and innovative company

The role culture and values play in building and supporting an organisation and its employees

How to maximise human resources using employee choice

■ Implementing an integrated HR strategy to manage change successfully


Key benefits

Understand how people and processes are key to organisational success and how HR can maximise its contribution

Contribute confidently to boardroom debates with strategies aligned to business objectives

Leverage culture, create integration, build energy, offer choice and maximise employee contributions

Enable great ideas to be embedded in an organisation and manage change successfully

Strengthen your ‘futuring’ skills, such as sensing change, maintaining a long-term view and shaping your company’s future

Create a culture that promotes energy and innovation, and thrives on performance



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