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Columbia Business School is the only Ivy League institution that delivers a learning experience where academic excellence meets real-time exposure to the pulse of business in New York City.

Columbia Business School Executive Education

Established 1916

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As today’s economy demands more from business leaders and their organizations than ever before, Columbia Business School Executive Education helps executives face greater complexity and seize opportunities. Bridging theory and practice in an unparalleled learning environment, we provide executives with the leadership and management tools that drive immediate and lasting change.

At Columbia Business School Executive Education, your investment in learning comes with a return—an immediate Return on Learning that impacts your organization. Grounded in the latest research, Columbia Business School Executive Education offers non-degree programs in leadership, strategy, finance, and more to help participants develop actionable skills that are applicable both immediately and in the long term.

Through faculty coaching and extensive peer group collaboration, our programs create tangible means to achieve measurable results. By connecting theory and practical application through real-life examples and action-oriented learning approaches, participants develop relevant, breakthrough insights for their specific business challenges.

Executives are connected not only to renowned academic minds but also to a global network of business leaders, entrepreneurs, and influencers. Fellow visionaries become everyday contacts and a lifelong network of global connections. Become part of a close-knit group of high-level leaders that spans global business and provide ongoing support after they return to their workplace challenges.




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Columbia Business School Executive Education’s custom programs help organizations and individuals navigate the leadership development journey in ways that address both immediate and long-term challenges. Custom programs blend scholarly research and practical approaches to address your organization’s specific challenges. We see custom programming as a partnership, leveraging collaboration to create an effective experience.

Each custom program is carefully designed to fulfill your organization's specific needs. The process begins with a needs assessment and contextual analysis of the challenges you are facing. Faculty members play a key role in program development. At the earliest stages of consultation, faculty directors delve into the problem that needs to be solved and develop cutting-edge strategies and tactics to address it. The second phase is a collaborative effort among our faculty members, designated representatives from your organization, and the Columbia account management team. Working closely with you, Columbia designs a program that addresses the challenges outlined in the needs assessment.

Custom programs often deliver a diverse mix of case application, role-playing, group discussion, and short, focused lectures. The process is iterative: whether it is adjusting the program’s length or shifting content focus, our faculty members are experienced in fine-tuning programs to respond to an organization’s specific parameters and goals.

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