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Original ideas, global thinking. At London Business School we shape business practice and transform careers and organisations across the globe. Our academic strength drives original and provocative business thinking, empowering our people to challenge conventional wisdom in a truly unique learning environment.

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Established 1964

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At London Business School, we strive to have a profound impact on the way the world does business. Our communal spirit creates an environment where we support and inspire, helping our people achieve their fullest potential.

London spirit
Location is everything. The strength we draw from the cultural diversity, the hunger and dynamism of London, sets us apart like no other school. We offer unparalleled access to some of the world’s most successful and innovative businesses, who work right on our doorstep.

Our people are a reflection of the city in which we are based, where commerce, finance, science, the arts, media, heritage and multiculturalism collide with energy and enthusiasm.

Academic Excellence 
We are thought leaders with an unquenchable thirst for learning and a devotion to world class research and teaching. Our international faculty is the best in the world. In the classroom, they share their research and thought leadership with you. In the boardroom, they advise some of the worlds’ biggest clients. 

Our people benefit from this combined expertise, all the while learning how to have a positive impact on the way the world does business.

Global mindset
We think global. We provide a varied, multicultural learning environment that gives us a global edge and a unique competitive advantage. 

We are a melting pot of ideas, energy and influences. Ninety percent of our Masters degree students come from outside the UK and our Executive Education participants come from more than 130 countries.  Exposure to our unique academic environment and access to the 40,000 strong worldwide network of alumni, continues to shape successful careers around the world.

Big business, small business and entrepreneurs all benefit from our unmatched diversity of thought.


Executive Education
Ranked as one of the top business schools in the world for our Executive Education programmes, we explode long-held beliefs and replace them with research-based reality. Our five decades of experience in educating pioneers from the world’s greatest companies means you can rely on us to deliver business impact.

We have programmes to not only change how you, your organisation and its best people see the world but to inspire change across business and society worldwide.

Our learning solutions step-change performance through enabling effective organisational change. We instil readiness and resilience in a shifting, competitive landscape.

Executive Education in numbers…

  • 62% of our customised programmes are delivered in more than one country.
  • 35 number of countries in which we have delivered our programmes.
  • #4 Our Executive Education programmes overall have been ranked in the Top five, by the Financial Times (FT) 2017.
  • 10,000 annual participants on our Executive Education programmes
  • 1,000+ companies using our Open Enrolment programme to drive their talent strategy
  • 100+ faculty from more than 31 countries



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Collaborate with us to create learning solutions that deliver cutting-edge learning experiences as well as measurable business impact. We will deliver them, end-to-end, seamlessly and at scale, anywhere in the world.

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Customised and collaborative design

Each custom programme we design is unlike any other. We undergo an intensive process of client consultation, collaboration and continuous feedback to design the most effective solutions that deliver on individual and organisational goals.

Innovative learning experiences

Through adventurous and original hands on experiences, we devise challenging learning journeys to stimulate innovative thinking, courageous behaviour resulting in profound personal transformations. We provide intellectual rigour and diverse real-world experience to deliver startling insights and new skills which propel your business culture to a new place.


Impact back in the workplace

After over five decades of educating the executives of the world’s most successful organisations, we know what is important: tangible results for your organisation. That is why we created our impact offering. Our expert design and impact specialists will create a bespoke impact measurement tool for you, showing you in black and white what your programme has done for your business.

Global delivery

Because our partner organisations inhabit every corner of the world, we deliver programmes all over the globe. For multinational companies, we run programmes with a number of different cohorts in different continents.

Seamless execution

Every one of our programmes has a large, specialist team responsible for making sure you are happy and fulfilling your objectives, with smooth and precise execution.

We plan and carry out every aspect of each programme in great detail to provide the highest quality client and participant experience.

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