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Negotiation Fundamentals for Business Leaders

In this webinar recording Gillian Ku, Professor of Organizational Behaviour at London Business School, offers practical insights on the strategy and science behind effective negotiations


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The key to driving value in any interdependent relationship is the art and science of negotiation. Indeed, negotiations are ubiquitous and individuals and leaders negotiate all the time—be it with employees, external stakeholders, vendors, venture capitalists. Many of us, however, know little about the strategy and psychology of effective negotiations.

In this session hosted by IEDP’s Roddy Millar, Gillian Ku, Professor of Organizational Behaviour at London Business School, discussed the fundamentals of negotiations. She explained how to properly prepare for a negotiation, grow the pie, and claim a share of the pie for yourself.

About the Speaker

Gillian Ku is a Professor of Organizational Behaviour at London Business School. She received her PhD in Management and Organizations from the Kellogg School of Management. Prior to her doctoral studies, Gillian earned her bachelor’s degree at Harvard University and worked at the Disney Corporation where she was a financial analyst for Disney’s international video distribution division.

Gillian’s internationally-recognised research is in the broad area of negotiations, decision-making, and interpersonal relationships.

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