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Hult Ashridge Executive Education helps organizations around the world improve their leadership talent, strategic thinking and organizational culture.

Hult Ashridge Executive Education

Established 1959

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Hult Ashridge Executive Education helps organizations around the world improve their leadership talent, strategic thinking and organizational culture.

We offer a range of activities and different areas of expertise:

  • We are world-renowned as a leading provider of executive education programs for both organisations and individuals
  • Hult Ashridge is different as it has its own organization change consulting practice and leads the way in virtual learning
  • We are also truly international, working with 850 organizations from 60 different countries every year

Our practical, application-based approach, through all our executive development activities, makes us an ideal choice for many clients as we provide academic rigour with a deep understanding of the real issues facing business today. This is generated through our extensive work with business leaders throughout the world.

Our philosophy is that to work effectively with clients, we need to have worked in business and grappled with similar issues. Hult Ashridge Executive Education faculty therefore have extensive international business experience alongside their significant academic credentials. 

“If you can’t apply what you learn, then the lessons from a business school program float away. Ashridge is very strong in practical application – not all business schools are.” 
Tim Calow, Head of Learning and Development, Skanska  

Hult Ashridge Executive Education is different: 

We are global:

  • We work wherever you are
  • We work with more than 850 companies from over 60 countries
  • Our 7 campuses ensure our international faculty have experience across the globe

We are relevant:

  • We focus on your goals
  • We develop practical learning specifically for your organization and individuals
  • Our faculty have both significant academic and business experience

We are experiential:

  • Participants will develop their expertise and skills
  • Our passion for experiential learning embeds the new skills for immediate application in your organization
  • We don’t teach – we enable practical learning

We are service orientated:

  • In all that we do, we make it easy for you to work with us
  • Whether your program runs at Hult Ashridge or elsewhere in the world, you and your participants will experience our ethos of partnership, service excellence, and hospitality

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“Ashridge works in partnership to design learning and development that is relevant and makes a tangible impact on the organization.” Katarina Morger Wargsjo, Program Director, Tetra Pak

Hult Ashridge Executive Education is a world leader in working with organizations to develop management and leadership potential, bring about change, and address specific business challenges. We take pride in helping people and organizations to be the best that they can be. We work in partnership with the world's leading business organizations in tackling the complex challenges they face, such as formulating and implementing strategic development, leadership, culture and change.

Four things help us stand out:

1) We are different as we have our own organizational development consulting practice. We blend organization development and change work with leadership and management development. Our programs are never designed in isolation from the business situation. Enabling participants to develop sustainable change within an organization is central to the way we work.

2) Our research into learning transfer and neuroscience informs the design of our programs to ensure that the experience results in real, long-lasting change at both the participant and organizational level.

3) Our faculty have real business experience at senior leadership level, combined with their academic credentials. They understand the challenges and realities of, for example, implementing strategy, of creating high performance, and of working in complex, multi-cultural environments.

4) Our approach to working with leaders and managers is based on our understanding that people engage best when they are active and participating and when the business context is prominent. Our approach is highly pragmatic and experiential. 

Our international work, reach and standing:

Hult Ashridge Executive Education works with over 850 organizations every year, meaning that our expertise and knowledge of current business and industry challenges is exceptional. Our Faculty have worked with so many different organizations and understand critical contextual variation across industries and business models. 70% of clients are headquartered outside the UK and 25% beyond Europe. Add to this the real business experience of our Faculty, having worked in industry and grappled with business challenges themselves, and the result is an approach to business education that is truly valuable for our clients. 

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