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Management Centre Europe (MCE)

Management Centre Europe (MCE) is a leading provider of human capital and management development programmes for international companies and public organisations worldwide.

Management Centre Europe (MCE)

Established 1961

Executive Development Centre - EDC

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Management Centre Europe (MCE) is a leading provider of human capital and management development programmes for international companies and public organisations worldwide.

We have more than 50 years` experience in designing and delivering leadership and management programmes to multicultural and multifunctional audiences at different management levels in both international public and private sector organisations.

MCE uses a holistic leadership development approach based on the current and future challenges managers and leaders are facing in the working world. We enable individuals and teams to deliver on their strategic goals, mission and objectives and provide them with the necessary leadership, functional and cross-functional capabilities to measurably improve performance. Lasting workplace transfer is another key focus of our approach so as to ensure sustainability of our learning solutions

• MCE is part of AMA Global, one of the largest learning and development groups in the world.

• Together with AMA Global, MCE has been selected for the 5th consecutive year as one of TOP 20 LEADERSHIP TRAINING COMPANIES by



MCE offers a dynamic portfolio of 40+ open enrolment programmes that prepare you and your people for today’s responsibilities and get you ready for tomorrow’s challenges. MCE also provides a wide range of Customized Learning Programmes, assessment instruments, coaching services, management toolkits, research services, publications and online resources.


Global Reach

Since 1961, nearly 400,000 managers turned to MCE for practical training and management tools to improve their performance and for organizational success.

In addition, every year nearly 7,000 customers participate in a customized in-company solution and about 25,000 events are hosted in the MCE Business and Conference Centre.

With its 50+ years international presence, MCE adds value to your business by involving you in a global community of peers and practitioners through its 40+ open enrolment training programmes, or its wide array of Customized Learning Programmes and development interventions delivered in over 150 countries across EMEA.


World-Class International Faculty

With our global network of 800 faculty members, all senior experts in their field and with extensive business experience, you benefit from a hands-on pragmatic approach to learning - learn today, apply tomorrow – and optional coaching services to support the knowledge transfer within your organisation.

Multicultural Staff Members

MCE has a multilingual team with over 25 different languages to ensure we understand your challenges and expectations and translate them into the most appropriate learning solutions.

MCE Business and Conference Centre in the Heart of Europe

More than 40,000 events have been organized at the MCE Conference & Business Centre.

Whether you are organizing a meeting for 12 people or a conference for 700 delegates, the MCE Conference and Business Centre is the right choice for you. With 38 meeting rooms covering 7,800m² in the heart of Brussels, let MCE help you make your meeting or event a big success!

Why choose the MCE Conference & Business Centre?

A Dedicated Team – MCE’s team are a dedictated and mulit-lingual Conference & Business Centre Team. They know what you need and want to make your meeting a success.
54 years of experience – MCE has organized more than 40,000 events and meetings since 1961. That is a lot of happy clients!
Natural Daylight– forget all about those dark and depressing meeting rooms. There are windows in every room.
No pillars – no more moving chairs and tables so that everyone can see. All MCE’s meeting rooms are without supporting pillars.
Temperature can be controlled – no more freezing cold or boiling hot meeting rooms. Every room’s temperature can be managed.
6 Translation Booths – in the main conference room, ready to be used.
Outdoor Terrace – for your breaks and coffee receptions.
Close to Restaurants and Bars – The Centre is located in the heart of Place du Chatelain area with easy access to many restaurants and bars
80 Parking Spaces – available in the centre.
Restaurant – with hot and cold buffets catering to every taste and budget
Technical and Printing Services – available in the centre

The World in Your Classroom

In a typical programme, you will learn with participants coming from several different countries and a variety of industries. The exchange of ideas and viewpoints from many different perspectives extends the learning and opens up new ways of thinking and problem-solving.

For nearly 55 years, more than 1,700 Client Companies from over 150 countries have selected MCE to develop their talent.

Learning with Impact - Benefit from a global expertise to ensure transformation

Our training programmes cover key organizational competencies, skills and behaviours to help you communicate and influence, lead people, set goals, execute your strategy and develop expertise and know-how in any aspect of your business to drive successful organizational performance.

In the current fast changing business environment, the need for capable, well-equipped leaders in organizations of all types is greater than ever. Finding and developing candidates for leadership roles is a well-known tough journey that requires nourishment, evolution and reinforcement throughout its various stages.

Moreover, learning is not complete until it is applied successfully in your workplace and true talent transformation takes place. MCE’s hands-on approach encourages participants to apply and integrate their learning into their daily activities. This explains why 98% of our clients come back and recommend MCE to their colleagues.

Our objective is to promote continuous performance improvement.

MCE training programmes are therefore designed to:

- Translate into improved performance, both on an individual and organizational level
- Incorporate relevant examples and easy-to-use concepts
- Maximize the use of continuous learning activities to bridge the learning from the classroom back on to the job
- Integrate adult learning principles both in the design and delivery
- Enable follow-through management support to assist in learning application and transfer
- Deliver on the expectation of providing a challenging, interactive and continuous learning experience
- Contribute to business results through close alignment with your corporate strategy
- Provide programme delivery flexibility with blended learning options

A Holistic Approach to Learning - Leadership at All Levels

Leadership lives at all levels of an organization. From the CEO who inspires the organization towards a vision, to the individual contributor who aspires to deliver results and do well in their functions and responsibilities. Management and leadership are not mutually exclusive or separate and sequential as in traditional approaches.

MCE proposes a holistic approach to allow different levels in the organization build functional and cross-functional capabilities and enhance their leadership skills to execute on their organization strategy and sustain performance improvement.

Leading Self

Whether an individual contributor or a leader, you need to become a real team player and positively contribute to the achievement of your goals. Effective communication, collaboration and interpersonal skills will help you gain credibility and dependability to drive success and peformance.

Leading Others

You may have the technical or functional expertise but don’t manage to get your people follow you. A set of programmes allow you to set team goals and develop your leadership skills to gain your teams buy-in and commitment to execute on your strategy. You need to motivate and mentor, resolve conflict, delegate and organize priorities.


Leading Business

As business and organizations become more complex, you often need to develop expertise in other areas than your own specialization in order to gain know-how and get things done to achieve strategic success. This category of programmes includes topics and processes related to business management, financial, commercial and organizational expertise.









Through AMA Global, MCE partners with i4cp, a research organisation that performs research studies, organizational assessments and benchmarking surveys with a large network of leading global corporations to help them achieve superior performance.





Tel : +32/2/543.21.20



MCE delivers unique learning solutions focused on your strategy, when and where you need them across the globe.

Whether you want to stay ahead of your competition, expand your business, or find creative ways to deal with the impact of the changing economy, your people will probably need new skills and knowledge.

Ultimately, this involves developing, planning and implementing large-scale learning strategies and solutions that support your organizational goals. Over 1,500 leading organizations across Europe, the Middle East and Africa turned to MCE to develop their people to help them meet the challenges of a changing environment. Our learning solutions address and solve issues like developing leadership talent, enhancing business acumen, and improving organizational performance and productivity. MCE is proud to have designed and delivered over 6,000 Customized Learning Programmes delivered in 94 different countries.

Our multicultural team has a genuine passion for making a meaningful difference in the organizations we partner with. We always strive to become your learning partner of choice, and we appreciate that we can only earn this recognition by first becoming your trusted advisor in all services we provide.

98% of our clients keep coming back and they usually value the strength of our partnership skills through our global reach, the consistent quality of our learning solutions and the level of expertise we bring to each project through our large international faculty network.

To be effective, we work with you to

- Collaborate and support you as we explore ways to best become an extension of your team
- Build a deep understanding of your business, culture, and the unique challenges of your industry
- Design and deliver creative and sustainable solutions that work within your business environment
- Offer proactive, honest advice and recommendations based on global best practices and extensive adult learning expertise and experience
- Deliver our services with care, ensuring each project exceeds the outcomes promised
- Handle complex delivery challenges efficiently and effectively
- Improve the impact of learning in your organization

Delivery Advantages and Options with In-Company Solutions

Delivery Advantages

  1. Increased value of your training experience through tailored or customized learning solutions that focus on your strategy and fit your priorities and culture
  2. Cost-effective unique learning objectives due to modular content that can be easily adapted to your specific needs
  3. Your participants’ learning experience can be significantly enhanced with thereby accelerating results, as we will be integrating your templates, methodologies, specific case studies, and your language,

Delivery Options

MCE offers flexible delivery options. Depending on the needs of your organization and the focus of your curriculum, you can choose the best-fit for your audience and the desired learning experience.

Instructor - Led Classroom

Our classroom sessions are designed to be highly interactive and relevant to the needs of the audience. This option continues to be the most popular modality since participants enjoy the in-person interaction, sharing of diverse experiences, networking with their peers, and applying their learning in a safe environment with the benefit of real-time coaching and feedback from their facilitator. 7000 managers opt for this learning format every year.

Blending Learning Solutions

Our blended learning solutions integrate a variety of delivery modes including active instructor-led classroom, on-line components and opportunities for self-study to create a continuous learning experience for participants. This approach ensures we can maximize retention and increase the likelihood of transferring learning back on the job.

Virtual Classroom

A virtual classroom is a live, interactive session using web conference technology to engage learners. These pre-scheduled sessions offer an alternative and effective approach to reach a broader target audience. Delivered by one of our expert instructors/facilitators, these sessions are designed to replicate many of the same benefits of an instructor-led classroom experience session while eliminating the need for travel and the cost of training facilities.


e-learning programmes leverage technology to provide access to content anytime, anywhere. They can be designed to provide a self-study option or to be a reference tool for just-in-time access to information. e-Learning programmes can be deployed as independent learning programmes or as a blended learning tool to support instructor-led or virtual classroom sessions.

For more information about all of these options, contact us at: 32 (0)2 543 21 20, or email us at

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