Leading Businesses into the Future


Leading Businesses into the Future

Course Dates:
02/06/2024 To 07/06/2024

USD $ 11600

Language of Instruction:

Leading Businesses into the Future is designed to ensure that leaders have perspective and insight into the changing business world. We empower senior leaders with the practical tools to build resilient organisations and lead in an engaged, dynamic manner. Make the transition to leading an organisation that is ready to succeed in today’s complex environment and is truly built for the future.


Who is the programme for?

 C-suite executives of mid to large-sized organisations

 Regional directors or country managers

 Heads of a function or business unit within an organisation

 Senior civil servants and leaders of not-for-profit organisations


Programme focus

 Building your organisation’s collaborative capacity to support powerful networks and enable the flow of information and ideas

 Understanding and applying the techniques to ensure that your organisation has a continual infusion of new perspectives

 Identifying and disrupting organisational assumptions and biases that could hold your organisation back

 Gaining insights into emerging trends and customer needs, you engage with creative challenges and explore alternative models for your organisation


Key benefits

 Refine your practical leadership skills based on cutting-edge business research to enhance your capability to build and lead an organisation in an engaged and dynamic manner

 Develop a customised leadership action plan, specific and relevant to your leadership style and organisation

 Gain a greater understanding of your business’s competitive context, and the ability to plan strategically and create a more resilient future

 Attain best practice and thought leadership from expert faculty and guest speakers

 Share thoughts and experiences with high- flying international business leaders to gain an infusion of new perspectives and radically different ideas

 Access one-to-one coaching tailored to your personal objectives and the needs of your organisation



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