The Warwick Executive Diploma in Marketing Leadership


The Warwick Executive Diploma in Marketing Leadership

Course Dates:
21/09/2022 To 21/09/2023

GBP £ 18000

Language of Instruction:

Propel your organisation forward using the latest strategic marketing, digitalisation and customer experience management practices.  

Now more than ever, there is a need for all executives to focus on their relationships with customers in light of the changing and challenging business context. They need to improve the use of their marketing function to increase their resilience and responsiveness along with their capacity to successfully collaborate, compete and partner with their suppliers and customers. 

The Warwick Executive Diploma in Marketing Leadership is for senior managers and executives who are looking to enhance and develop their strategic marketing expertise, to ensure they make the successful decisions and transformations needed in this dynamic, digitalised and global landscape.

Programme Benefits

The Executive Diploma in Marketing Leadership has been designed to offer immediate impact and long term development for individuals and organisations.

Benefits for individuals:

  • You will develop the skills and abilities to be more agile, whilst gaining an understanding of how to lead your organisations marketing strategy in a complex global business environment
  • You will learn the strategic marketing approaches to company direction and culture, enabling you to use frameworks in practice and produce organisational-wide transformational outcomes
  • You will enhance your leadership and negotiation abilities both internally and externally
  • Taught in London, with only twelve days away from work over one year.

Benefits for organisations:

  • The Executive Diploma in Marketing Leadership is designed to deliver learning which will be immediately applicable to the strategic challenges of your organisation
  • The individual assessments you undertake are an opportunity to take on specific organisational challenges
  • Your increased knowledge, ideas and awareness will have a positive impact on your teams, and your organisation
  • Your organisation will benefit from new knowledge and ideas, without you taking significant time away from your usual responsibilities.

Warwick Business School (WBS)

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