Postgraduate Award in Service Operations Management


Postgraduate Award in Service Operations Management

Course Dates:
02/01/2023 To 05/07/2023

GBP £ 3850

Language of Instruction:

Optimise your service operations 

Services, both public and private, are significant parts of economies and good service has financial and reputational benefits for organisations. However, services are often difficult to get right as they are intangible leading to variation in how they are delivered and received by customers. Service operations management provides a suite of concepts, techniques and tools to evolve how services are designed and delivered.

Programme benefits

You will learn about the key concepts in service operations management and how to apply them to services in your organisation. There is an emphasis on application so what you learn can be implemented to create sustained competitive advantage.

Learning outcomes

  • Define what a service is and how they can be strategic to organisations and learn how to classify services in order to better manage them
  • Learn how services are designed, and explore servicescapes, service layout, flow, service blueprinting and new service development (NSD)
  • Describe the interplay between service demand and capacity through forecasting demand and planning capacity
  • Understand how capacity management can be improved through effective queue design and implementation of flexible working
  • Learn how to apply lean principles, tools and techniques, to improve the customer experience and service outcomes.

Warwick Business School (WBS)

Tel : +44 (0) 24 7652 4395



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