Leading Strategic Innovation in Healthcare


Leading Strategic Innovation in Healthcare

Course Dates:
06/09/2021 To 11/10/2021

GBP £ 1850

Language of Instruction:

Our six-week online course is designed to be flexible and focused, informed by the research expertise and practical experience of the Faculty of Warwick Business School, supplemented by the contribution of colleagues with deep experience of healthcare services, in the UK and in settings across the world.

How will you learn?
The course is delivered entirely online with self-guided learning, enabling you to study at your own pace. The course is made up of six lessons, which each contain around 6-8 hours of content for you to engage with over the six-week duration of the programme. Each lesson is broken down into 8-14 steps, to guide you through the content and explore the themes in full.

You will be exposed to learning through case studies drawn from across the world, and these will not be confined to healthcare, as a great deal can be learned from innovation in other sectors.

What does the programme deliver?

  • An opportunity to develop a contemporary and sophisticated understanding of leadership in health and care.
  • A global healthcare perspective having been informed by engaging with material drawn from a wide range of countries and traditions.
  • A practical series of tools introduced to ensure that you can apply your new-found insights in your workplace.

Our bespoke online learning platform
The programme will be delivered using Warwick Business School’s bespoke online learning platform my.wbs. Our expertise in online programme delivery will offer you flexibility in fitting your learning around the many other demands that you face, whilst not sacrificing the benefits of interconnectedness and collaboration with faculty and fellow students.

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