The Coaching Habit


The Coaching Habit

Course Dates:
09/07/2020 To 09/07/2020

CAD $ 450

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Good intentions aren't enough. 
As a leader, you know the value of developing coaching skills – coaching can increase focus and capacity, reduce overwhelm and dependency, and drive both engagement and impact.

But even with the best of intentions, today's time-strapped managers and leaders often find themselves defaulting to a limited old-school management approach: tell them rather than ask them; solve it for them rather than helping them figure out. It perpetuates bottlenecks, fire-fighting and managers with just too much stuff on their plate.

This innovative program is an introduction to coaching skills for managers and leaders. Beginning with a half-day session, the coaching program includes three things that make the difference and help develop coaching skills as an everyday habit.

First, we help managers, executives and leaders understand how and why they're so quickly and easily tempted to jump in and be the advice-giver and the problem-solver – and the price that they (and the employees they're managing) pay for this. With this new understanding, it becomes easier for them to disarm the advice "hair-trigger" so that managers can use their coaching skills when the occasion calls for it.

Theory, models and exhortations to "do more coaching" aren't going to make a difference. We need to help managers and leaders in developing the coaching skills, insights and support so that they change their behaviour and coaching becomes a habit – and a regular and useful part of their management repertoire.


Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto

Tel : 416-978-8815



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