Business Leadership for Finance Executives Program - Program Overview


Business Leadership for Finance Executives Program

Course Dates:
04/06/2018 To 08/06/2018

CAD $ 11900

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The role of today's chief financial officer and senior finance executive (CFO) is multidimensional. CFOs are not only responsible for traditional core financial and reporting duties, they are also expected to be strategic business partners to the CEO, drive and fuel sustained growth, work effectively with the board, deal with investors, manage people, interact effectively with a myriad of stakeholders and drive strategic change. As the demands of the role continue to expand and evolve, CFOs and finance executives must develop not only intellectual and emotional agility, but also the decision-making, problem-solving and communication skills required for success in this critical leadership role.

The concept behind the Business Leadership for Finance Executives Program arose from conversations between Rotman, and Odgers Berndtson's CFO and Leadership Practices, as well as consultations with North America's leading CFOs, CEOs and audit chairs. The dialogue focused on the capabilities required for success in this highly complex function at this demanding time. Our conversations with this exclusive advisory board identified three critical CFO success factors which we refer to as the Three Pillars of CFO Leadership™: (1) Leadership in the C-Suite; (2) Strategic Agility and Business Acumen; and (3) Managing Key Stakeholder Relations.

The Business Leadership for Finance Executives Program is designed to help participants assess and develop these three core capabilities of CFO success both within themselves and with their teams. Participants are exposed to current thinking and innovative practices that differentiate merely capable financial managers from truly strategic contributors. The Program enables finance executives, including newly appointed CFOs and future CFOs, to step outside their day-to-day responsibilities for a period of five days and think deeply about the experiences, skills and capabilities essential to enhancing their effectiveness as senior finance leaders and members of the C-suite.


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