Public Policy Analysis


Public Policy Analysis

Course Dates:
14/04/2021 To 09/06/2021

GBP £ 2200

Language of Instruction:

An understanding of the complex social, political, economic and institutional factors that influence public policy is vital to effectively analyse policy decisions and social interventions, and to make meaningful, informed policy recommendations.

During the LSE Public Policy Analysis online certificate course, you’ll engage with topical, global case studies as you develop practical skills and techniques for immediate application to policy-related projects, or within your organisation. Benefit from the unique pedagogy and multidisciplinary approach of LSE – an institution at the forefront of research and teaching in the social sciences – as you develop analytical frameworks to better understand the policy process and the factors that contribute to policy success and failure.

Over the course of 10 weeks, online, you’ll enhance your practical policy communication skills, as well as explore how to leverage common quantitative techniques and research methodologies to conduct evidence-based impact evaluations.

Throughout this online certificate course, developed by LSE’s School of Public Policy, you’ll get the opportunity to interact with a global cohort of like-minded individuals and to learn from expert LSE faculty with diverse experience in conducting research in a number of different countries, across a variety of policy areas.

CPD Certified

This course is certified by the United Kingdom CPD Certification Service, and may be applicable to individuals who are members of, or are associated with, UK-based professional bodies. The course has an estimated 80 hours of learning. 

London School of Economics

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