Strategic Branding


Strategic Branding

Course Dates:
12/03/2018 To 16/03/2018

USD $ 7300

Language of Instruction:

Deeper customer and managerial insights provide a clearer organisational focus, enabling you to create more compelling products and services. Enhance your ability to build and manage brands to drive profits and organic growth.

Explore the techniques for gaining in-depth insight and learn how to use this knowledge to better understand market dynamics, formulate incisive strategy and differentiate your offer. Reinforced by real-life case studies, this highly practical programme provides you with a unique framework that can be applied to any marketing challenge the industry throws at you.


Who is the programme for?

 Senior functional managers

 General managers


 Marketing practitioners


Programme focus

 Gaining and leveraging consumer and managerial insights and testing the impact of branding decisions using experimental research

■ Embedding the consumer voice within your organisation’s strategy and developing a successful brand strategy

 Implementing the brand strategy to grow the business and managing the customer experience across several touch points


Key benefits

 Gain deeper insight into the power of your brand as a long-term profit driver

 Advanced market-sensing capabilities for uncovering deep customer insight

 Leverage managerial and customer insights to drive communications, product design, and strategic and operational planning

 Effectively coordinate the delivery of customer value across your organisation

 Improve go-to-market strategies by creating stronger brand positioning

 Live your brand promise through your organisation and culture

 Overcome, and adapt to, constant market pressures armed with the latest theory and frameworks

 Drive growth by leveraging your company’s brand identity even further

 Put your learning into action by addressing real-world brand challenges by collaborating with a London-based company



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