Course Dates:
02/06/2019 To 08/06/2019

USD $ 13300

Language of Instruction:

Proteus is an innovative and challenging leadership programme. It delivers a unique opportunity to learn, reflect and formulate change plans for your leadership role, business contributions and life direction.

Through creative encounters that go far beyond the boundaries of traditional business education, this unconventional programme empowers you to reflect on your leadership challenges, inspired by global experts from a diverse range of fields.


Who is the programme for?

Intellectually curious senior professionals and leaders from all over the world who are at the mid to late career stage

Senior professionals from all spheres of business and from the public, private and not-for-profit sectors

Open-minded explorers; people who love to learn and experience new things

Change agents; people who want to make a difference and leave a lasting mark

Reflectors; people who want to consider the deeper ethical and social implications of their roles and their business objectives


Programme focus

Use visual and dramatic arts to liberate your creative forces

Gain greater understanding of biological and economic perspectives on social and organisational development

Explore how scientific discovery translates into business innovation

Examine your key drivers and biases and how these relate to your leadership challenges and choices

Enhance your leadership legacy Key benefits

■ Review your life and career goals and set objectives for your future development and that of your organisation

■ Make more informed business decisions grounded in broader perspectives on the ways in which societies and organisations operate

■ Become an agent of innovation and renewal, and a creator of value for your organisation

■ Understand, and begin to enhance, your leadership legacy



The Spreading of Nuanced Truth


The End of ESG?

LBS professor offers a balanced view of ESG and its significance


Negotiation Strategies Online and Offline


Negotiation Fundamentals for Business Leaders


Unlocking Innovation Toolkit

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