Project and Infrastructure Finance


Strategic Investment Management

Course Dates:
27/11/2017 To 01/01/2018

USD $ 6900

Language of Instruction:

How do organisations use project finance to structure, value and finance large-scale infrastructure and industrial projects?

This programme provides an in-depth analysis of real-life case studies covering successful and not-so-successful examples of project financing in Europe and emerging markets. Cases also cover a variety of industries and illustrate the financial tools and structures used by corporate sponsors, banks, governments and private sector agencies.

Gain an in-depth understanding of the many ways in which project finance can mitigate risks and provide incentives while also assessing the limitations of project finance structures.


Who is the programme for?

 Finance professionals from private and public sector industries including: energy, power, infrastructure, transportation, logistics, water and utilities, education and healthcare

■ Equity investors or sponsors

■ Project finance advisors in the banking sector

■ Developers

■ Engineers

■ Lawyers and legal advisors

■ Equity investors or sponsors

■ Auditors and risk managers


NB. You will have some familiarity with basic corporate finance and valuation concepts


Programme focus

■ Creating value through project finance

■ Project versus corporate finance

■ Financing, valuing and structuring large-scale projects

■ Analysing project risks and rewards

■ Optimally restructuring projects in distress

■ Public Private Partnerships (PPP) and Private Finance Initiatives (PFI)

■ Project finance in emerging markets


Key benefits

■ Develop a framework to apply project finance principles and valuation methods to real-life projects

■ Skills to mitigate the risks in the financing of large-scale projects

■ Confidence to navigate successfully through the entire project finance transaction from initial agreement to completion

■ Enhanced understanding of the stakeholders involved in a project finance deal



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