Negotiating and Influencing Skills for Senior Managers


Negotiating and Influencing Skills for Senior Managers

Course Dates:
08/04/2018 To 13/04/2018

USD $ 8300

Language of Instruction:

Drawing on the latest research and best practice, this practical programme develops your ability to analyse, plan and manage successful negotiations. It encompasses frameworks for predicting and influencing behaviour throughout the negotiation process, techniques for resolving conflict, and skills for working collaboratively to maximise organisational performance outcomes and relationships.


Who is the programme for?

Senior managers in key decision-making roles, actively engaged in activities such as:

 Business development



 Strategic marketing

 Dispute resolution and consensus building



 Managing strategic alliances and business partnerships



NB. The programme is not suitable if you are a negotiation specialist who participates in very high-level, content-focused negotiations as your key role, e.g. if you are an M&A specialist.


Programme focus

 Understanding your personal negotiation style and how to play to your strengths

 The psychology and behavioural aspects of effective negotiations

 Skill strengthening through coaching and practical exercises


Key benefits

 Negotiate effectively with multiple opponents, issues and constraints through proven strategies, frameworks and research developed by our world-leading faculty

■ Gain a deeper understanding of your personal negotiation style and how to best play to your strengths in different environments and situations

■ Develop the skills to consistently negotiate successful outcomes

■ Improved ability to predict and influence your opponent’s behaviour

■ Effectively resolve and manage conflict within and between organisations

■ Become a more confident negotiator who can take calculated risks



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