Market Driving Strategies


Market Driving Strategies

Course Dates:
23/04/2018 To 27/04/2018

USD $ 7300

Language of Instruction:

Examine how to cultivate ground-breaking strategy by energising creativity and driving innovation. Explore how to build new market capabilities, capitalise on technologies,

and take novel concepts to market. This programme enables you and your company to see opportunities where others do not, and
to unleash market-driving innovations.

Breakthrough initiatives require an environment that encourages experimentation, tolerates mistakes and gives inspirational ideas time
to develop. You can fundamentally change organisations and transform industries by applying innovation that is grounded in customer insight.


Who is the programme for?

Professionals looking to develop innovative strategies to drive their organisation and industry forward. It is relevant for:

 Senior marketing practitioners

 Product, portfolio and general managers

 CEOs and MDs

 Sales and business development managers

 Pricing specialists

 Leaders of dynamic companies


Programme focus

 Identifying overlooked market segments

■ Differentiating products or services by reinventing the marketing mix

■ Demonstrating value in monetary terms and leveraging profitable pricing models to increase market share

■ Building a culture of innovation,where creative thinking can flourish

■ Developing strategies for growth

■ Capturing customer insights and redefining their expectations

■ Successfully executing strategy

■ Taking innovative concepts to market

■ Entering and dominating new markets


Key benefits

 Understand how to drive growth by entering new and untapped markets

 Develop in-house capability to deliver long-term strategic planning

 Deliver shareholder value through industry innovation

 Leverage customer insights to deliver a leap in customer value

 Identify and articulate latent customer needs

 Foster a culture of innovation and creativity within your organisation



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