Financing the Entrepreneurial Business


Financing the Entrepreneurial Business

Course Dates:
11/11/2019 To 15/11/2019

USD $ 7500

Language of Instruction:

Develop the knowledge and skills to navigate each stage of securing or providing investment for fast-growth businesses. Learn to apply frameworks throughout the deal cycle, from securing the initial investment, through to exit strategies. We address the needs of investors and entrepreneurs as they work together, and with other players involved in such transactions.


Who is the programme for?

Entrepreneurs running high-potential businesses and their advisors and consultants

Those working in or seeking to join venture capital or private equity firms

Investors in privately held companies, limited partners of capital or other providers to venture capital or private equity funds

Managers running fast-growth business units


Programme focus

Valuation techniques for private companies

Non-financial factors impacting valuations

Due diligence required by all parties

Shareholder agreements

Structuring, pricing and evaluating financing options: equity, loans and MBOs

Multiple financing

Investor considerations and pitfalls

People issues associated with deals

Exit strategies: IPOs and trade sales


Key benefits

Insights through real-life business case studies and participant exchanges

Meet, network and share perspectives with leading academics and industry professionals

London Business School

Tel : +44 (0)20 7000 7117



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