Finance for Non-Finance Executives


Finance for Non-Finance Executives

Course Dates:
03/03/2024 To 08/03/2024

USD $ 7500

Language of Instruction:

An intensive programme specifically designed for senior managers from non-finance backgrounds who need to understand and evaluate financial information. The emphasis is on using financial information to deliver organisational value, rather than focusing on finance itself.

You gain a comprehensive senior-level understanding of best practice in corporate financial management. The programme equips you with the skills and confidence to analyse and interpret financial information to make the right decisions.


Who is the programme for?

Senior managers with little or no prior financial knowledge, and those looking for a refresher. It is of particular relevance to:

■ CEOs

■ MDs

■ General and senior managers from across business units


Programme focus:

■ Interpreting financial reports

■ Using accounting information for strategic decision making

■ Assessing the key drivers of performance and shareholder value


Key benefits

Ask the right questions with confidence using accounting and financial language

Evaluate balance sheets, income statements, cash-flow statements and financial footnotes

Analyse company performance, recognising international differences in accounting

Use financial analysis to prepare budgets and forecasts, and develop models for short-run ‘what if’ questions

Perform project appraisals using ‘discounted cash-flow’ and ‘net present value’ techniques

Make better operational decisions based on a clear understanding of the implications for your company’s financial performance and value

Understand risk and return and how the rate of return for a company is estimated

Build a company valuation model based on profit and cash-flow forecasts, identifying performance drivers and shareholder value



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