Exploiting Disruption in a Digital World


Exploiting Disruption in a Digital World

Course Dates:
15/11/2020 To 20/11/2020

GBP £ 8500

Language of Instruction:

Seize the opportunities brought by the digital revolution and turn challenges into possibilities. Exploit disruption and evolve your business model. Keep up with the rapid change of global business and turn the disruption caused by digital technology into advantages. 

Are you responsible for setting the strategic direction of your organisation? Maybe you aspire to infuse an entrepreneurial spirit deep within your organisation to prepare it for future disruption? Whatever your agenda, explore how to not only defend against but also exploit the dramatic changes triggered by the digital revolution and the arrival of radical new technologies and business models.
Who the programme is for?
This programme is for senior executives with at least 10 years of senior leadership experience, who are responsible for the strategic direction of their organisation, leading its digital transformation, or preparing it for the future.
• Senior executives and leaders.
• Managing directors, regional directors and country managers.
• Heads of business units and functions.
• C-suite executives.
• Senior civil servants and leaders of not-for-profit organisations.
Programme focus:
• Gain a solid grounding in the hallmarks of disruption and apply proven models and frameworks.
• Learn to exploit digital business models, big data, 3D printing, virtual reality, nanotechnology, digital manufacturing and more.
• Cut through noisy disruption across industries. Strategy Professor Costas Markides shows you how with evidence-based insights.
• Sell your big idea. Learn how to win emotional commitment before embarking on major transformation.

Key benefits:
• Develop strategies and influencing tools to have a material impact on your business or industry.
• The rules have changed: discard traditional marketing and learn how to market to your future customers.
• Strategy professor Michael Jacobides shares tools to help you navigate a complex ecosystem in a world of blurring industry boundaries.
Customise your offering with data: Professor Nicos Savva unlocks the potential of data-driven analytics to create new markets and get ahead



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