Exploiting Disruption in a Digital World


Exploiting Disruption in a Digital World

Course Dates:
21/06/2020 To 26/06/2020

USD $ 8100

Language of Instruction:

Are you responsible for setting the strategic direction of your organisation? Maybe you aspire to infuse an entrepreneurial spirit deep within your organisation to prepare it for future disruption? Whatever your agenda, explore how to not only defend against but also exploit the dramatic changes triggered by the digital revolution and the arrival of radical new technologies and business models.


Who the programme is for?

This programme is for senior executives tasked with developing their organisation’s response to disruption or leading its digital transformation. Particularly relevant for:

Business unit heads

Managing directors

Heads of functions


Programme focus:

Develop strategies that will help you take advantage of tremendous demographic, social and institutional changes brought by an era of digital disruption. Learn how your company can compete against disruptive business models and capture the full potential of radical new technologies such as AI, big data, virtual reality, IoT and machine learning.


Key benefits:

Understand the strategic and leadership implications of various disruptions such as digital business models, big data, mobile, 3D printing, virtual reality, nanotechnology and digital manufacturing

Explore how to respond to the blurring of industry boundaries and the redefinition of competition caused by new business models

Exploit the new competitive reality – from building platforms and managing ecosystems to making the most of open innovation

Take advantage of big data and avoid the mistakes that most companies make when dealing with it

Engage consumers through digital, social and mobile marketing

Defend the core while you attack new markets created by disruption

Explore how to disrupt the disruptors and prepare your organisation to defend against them

Lead and manage the digital transformation process and create the basis for future success.



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