Executing Strategy for Results


Executing Strategy for Results

Course Dates:
23/07/2023 To 28/07/2023

USD $ 9100

Language of Instruction:

This programme equips leaders and managers with the latest strategic concepts, current research findings and practical insights for executing strategy in complex and fast- changing markets.

Prior to the programme, you complete a 360 ̊ survey with your colleagues, business associates and other relevant stakeholders. Apply your learnings by working with faculty, tutors and in peer groups to establish strategic objectives for your organisation. Based on the results of your survey, you develop a tailored execution plan, enabling you to drive strategy implementation in your organisation.


Who is the programme for?

Board members, CEOs, senior executives, or general managers who execute strategy

■ Middle managers implementing corporate strategic change across their business units

■ Management teams who use the programme to develop a strategic plan


Programme focus

■ Understanding an organisation as a network of commitments for action

■ Distilling the essence of strategy to create value

■ Measuring value creation

■ Translating strategy into action

■ Improving organisational capacity to execute strategy across units, markets and products

■ Strategies for overcoming obstacles to change

■ Leading for effective execution


Key benefits

■ Improved ability to lead strategy implementation and deliver performance

■ A customised execution plan to implement your strategic objectives

■ Tailored tuition to apply to your specific business challenges

■ Enhanced corporate ability to react effectively to a changing environment

■ Efficient organisational response to change, resulting in a stronger competitive advantage

■ Improved culture for strategic implementation across your organisation




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