Developing Strategy for Value Creation


Developing Strategy for Value Creation

Course Dates:
03/03/2024 To 08/03/2024

GBP £ 8500

Language of Instruction:

Discover a broad range of cutting-edge strategy tools and frameworks and apply them in a wide variety of competitive situations. Learn new approaches to break the rules that most businesses overlook when seeking new sources of value.


Who is the programme for?

Leaders of dynamic companies

■ General managers

■ Strategy teams

■ Senior functional managers

■ Strategists from emerging and fast-growing economies


You should have an element of responsibility for contributing to the future direction of your organisation and its strategic development. You should also be prepared to discuss a business challenge that you are facing at work.


Programme focus

■ Getting the tools – gain the knowledge and understanding of analytical and strategic frameworks to address competitive situations and corporate diversification decisions

■ Breaking the rules – find new ways to use traditional tools to address the challenges of tomorrow’s business environment

■ Making a difference – apply the knowledge you have gained to create value in different business contexts


Key benefits

■ Use strategic tools and frameworks to help identify and create sustainable sources of competitive advantage

Gain analytical skills that enable you to prosper in a changing world

Capability to shape your organisation’s environment according to its strategic vision and goals

Identify the capabilities and skills your organisation needs across its functions to meet its strategic objectives

Gain practical solutions to your organisation’s strategic challenges

Understand what drives your organisation’s competitive advantage



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