Decision Making Strategies for Leaders


Decision Making Strategies for Leaders

Course Dates:
14/06/2021 To 18/06/2021

GBP £ 8100

Language of Instruction:

Making smart decisions is hard. For leaders, these decisions have an impact on the organisation and its people. This five-day learning experience gives you the deep knowledge and tools you need to make confident decisions and to persuasively communicate them to the various stakeholders. Whether you are an executive in a major international firm or the leader of an SME, discover the vital ingredients common to all good decisions and realise your decision-making power.

Draw on world-class faculty spanning organisational behaviour, marketing, operations and accounting to inform decisions across the full spectrum of organisational life. Benefit from an integrated approach, exploring theory with experts well-versed in applying it in real-world contexts. Discover through interactive real-time experiences, proven strategies for navigating complex and critical decisions under pressure. Receive feedback and review your learning outcomes with follow-up coaching for long- term impact.

Who is the programme for?

Executives in key leadership roles from a diverse range of organisations and functions, such as:
Business line leaders
Enterprise owners and leaders
Marketing and sales

Programme focus

Analysing the decision-making process

Using methods to leverage collective intelligence effectively

Separating the data from the noise to make effective decisions

Present data in a manner that builds stakeholders’ commitment to decisions

Understanding normative and behavioural approaches

Nudging other parties, including customers, to make better decisions

Understand the psychological barriers that impede good decisions

Recognising and avoiding decision traps

Learning from past decisions

Using smart decision making for competitive advantage



Key benefits

Enhance your decision making using sound judgement, critical thinking and rigorous analysis

Acquire actionable frameworks personalised to your unique situation for effective decision making

Gain insights from experts with board-level expertise

Reinforce your learning through an immersive decision-making simulation

Work with experienced coaches both during and after the programme 



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