Advanced Corporate Finance


Advanced Corporate Finance

Course Dates:
24/09/2018 To 28/09/2018

USD $ 7300

Language of Instruction:

Examine a series of international business case studies drawn from various industries and countries, featuring an array of financial decisions. Identify which techniques are suitable for each business situation and which need to be adapted in order to accommodate the complexities of real business.

Elevate your corporate finance decision making to a strategic level and gain the confidence to negotiate through new and emerging markets. Challenge existing mind-sets and use these insights immediately, in a profoundly effective way, to discover new approaches to corporate finance in your business arena.


Who is the programme for?

Those with extensive experience in finance, planning or the treasury area of an organisation or a financial institution. General and financial managers of corporations in all industry sectors find it beneficial, as do consultants, lawyers and other advisors of corporations or investment banks.


Programme focus

The programme looks at two key areas:



Valuing companies, using multiples and discounted cash-flow analysis

Investments in emerging markets

Cost of capital estimation in emerging markets

Corporate governance and information risks at the country and firm level


Financing decisions

Optimal capital structure and the link to strategy

Corporate liquidity issues

Raising equity and debt capital in global markets

Pay-out policy including dividends and share repurchases

The use of project finance

The use of decision trees, simulations, and real options


Key benefits

Confidence to make strategic financial decisions in a range of challenging settings

Use specialist knowledge of corporate finance that goes beyond the technical, into the strategic arena

Use value-based decision making – the link between finance and strategy

Apply valuation techniques in global markets to discover new ways of approaching corporate finance




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