Accounting and Financial Analysis


Accounting and Financial Analysis

Course Dates:
03/08/2020 To 07/08/2020

GBP £ 7500

Language of Instruction:

Become a skilled user of financial statements by exploring their structure and the main accounting standards. Use modern financial analysis techniques to assess company performance and understand issues surrounding corporate governance, regulatory frameworks and their impact on financial statements.

This is a strong foundation for building knowledge of our two other Corporate Finance programmes: Valuation, and Financial Strategies for Value Creation.


Who is the programme for?

General managers

Mid-career and senior finance professionals

Executives, consultants and analysts

Business developers

Lawyers and legal practitioners

Financial planners and advisors

Economists and business analysts

Auditors and risk managers


Programme focus

Financial statements and accounting standards

■ Modern financial analysis techniques

■ Revenue recognition and expense matching

■ Assets and liabilities recognition

■ Forensic financial analysis


Key benefits

■ Ability to read an annual report to measure and identify drivers of profitability

■ Assess the adequacy of the company’s assets to meet the claims of its creditors

■ Understand sources of diversity and creativity in accounting practice, and know how to control this when comparing several firms

■ Use accounting data to measure the return that a company is earning on the capital that its investors have provided

■ Use return on capital as an indicator that a company has competitive advantage or disadvantage in its marketplace



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