VUCA: How to Build Adaptive Organizations in an Age of Uncertainty


VUCA: How to Build Adaptive Organizations in an Age of Uncertainty

Course Dates:
20/06/2017 To 23/06/2017

EUR € 4900

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In an age of increasing volatility and uncertainty, leaders must learn how to anticipate and respond to change in new ways. If not, organizations risk missing emerging threats and opportunities or, worse, lose their relevance in a world that is both exciting and unnerving.

This program offers a comprehensive map to navigate these turbulent times. Participants will gain valuable tools and frameworks to broaden their capacity to sense and understand a dynamic marketplace; learn how to be more adaptive in the face of increasing complexity; and create nimble organizations able to thrive in ambiguity.


  • Develop the key leadership competencies necessary to succeed in the face of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA)

  • Design agile strategies to effectively align core capabilities with the challenges of an unsettling and fast-moving global environment

  • Learn to integrate the stability that is essential for the demands of today with the innovation required for the challenges of tomorrow

Why IESE Recommends This Program

The rapid gains in technology, rising influence of networks, and momentum of globalization have contributed to greater complexity in markets, organizations and products. Shocks to the global system - such as terrorism, pandemic disease, and political and financial crises – also signify that firms are increasingly operating in an unstable and changing world. These conditions pose unprecedented challenges for business leaders, who need to sustain competitiveness despite the uncertainty and risk inherent in a VUCA environment. This program will help executives learn innovative ways to anticipate and quickly respond to a dynamic marketplace, while maintaining excellence in daily activities.




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