Developing Leadership Competencies - Program Overview


Developing Leadership Competencies

Course Dates:
14/03/2017 To 15/03/2017

EUR € 3670

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Have you ever done a 360º review of your management competencies?

Do you know your strengths and areas for improvement?

Do you know how to develop your competencies?

And those of your team?

Management competencies are an essential tool for ensuring that companies are competitive in the global economy. Every company must define the competencies it considers necessary so it can develop its managers to be capable of making the company's distinctive strategy a reality and thereby fulfill its mission.

Learning from one's own experience is insufficient for acquiring and improving the competencies that managers need in today's business environment. As managers move up in the organization, the demands of time and responsibility reveal new shortcomings and managerial limitations. Managers also run a greater risk of receiving slanted or insufficient feedback on their own competencies. They may therefore need specific help assessing themselves as managers and developing the skills they need to effectively manage their organizations.

The program Developing Leadership Competencies seeks to meet this need through:

A personal competency profile diagnosis (following the IESE 360º management competencies questionnaire).

A personal improvement plan with the accompaniment of an assigned coach.

Conferences, cases and exercises aimed at developing one's own competencies and coaching (learning how to help others develop their competencies).


For participants

Assessing their level of management competencies.

Identifying areas for personal improvement.

Establishing an action plan for their development with the help of a coach.

Learning to develop talent: how to become a good coach of their colleagues.

Communicating an attitude of continual improvement to their team.

For companies

Establishing a competency-based management system.

Creating a corporate culture of learning, continuous improvement and overcoming obstacles.

Improving the competitiveness of their teams.

Retaining and fostering managerial talent within the company.

Increasing the effectiveness of management.


This program is aimed at managers who are interested in getting to know themselves better, improving their management competencies and offering better support to their teams.



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