Develop Your Communication Skills: It's How You Tell Them - Program Overview


Develop Your Communication Skills: It's How You Tell Them

Course Dates:
07/03/2017 To 09/03/2017

EUR € 3570

Language of Instruction:


Do you know how to structure your business presentations to capture the attention of your audience?

What is the best way to communicate bad news?

Are you aware of your body language when addressing a large audience?

Clear and powerful communication is vital for accomplishing any business objective, particularly in today’s economic climate. To be effective, executives must be able to engage and influence diverse stakeholders, including clients, colleagues, employees and top management.

Develop Your Communication Skills (DCS) presents a wide range of practical tools and concepts designed to strengthen executives’ abilities on multiple levels. Participants will learn how to use emotional and rational intelligence to persuade others in one-on-one situations, as well as when delivering presentations. They will acquire techniques for establishing credibility and managing nervous energy.

This highly interactive program offers participants individualized feedback through video analysis and the chance to gain expertise in delivering diverse types of speeches, from visionary to special occasion addresses. Finally, the program explores the art of storytelling, as well as how to overcome the challenges of communicating in another language.


These are the key takeaways of the program:

Gain confidence in designing and delivering various types of presentations.

Discover techniques to use emotional and rational intelligence as a means of persuasion.

Learn rhetorical tools for interpersonal communications, presentations and speeches.

Gain a deeper understanding of nonverbal aspects of communication: authority, audience awareness and managing nervous energy.


The Develop your Communication Skills program is program is designed for managers who wish to improve their communication skills and develop a style that fosters commitment among team members and stakeholders. The program is particularly relevant to professionals who manage client relationships or deal with the general public.

This program is delivered entirely in English and therefore a certain fluency in the English language is required.



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