B2B Marketing Strategy


B2B Marketing Strategy

Course Dates:
30/06/2020 To 17/08/2020

USD $ 2600

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Because marketing to businesses is fundamentally different than marketing directly to consumers — namely a longer and more complex sales process — it requires a different approach. B2B Marketing Strategy (Online) is a six-week online program that provides the tools to successfully apply marketing strategies, bring value to your B2B relationships, and make a clear connection between marketing and sales functions.

The program provides professionals operating in B2B markets and those wanting to develop a B2B product line with a strategic yet practical framework to sustain a competitive advantage by understanding how to deploy the right marketing, pricing, sales force, and decision-making toolkit for each stage of your go-to-market strategy.

Participants discover the essentials of B2B brands, beginning with an overview of the differences between B2C and B2B brands and exploring the value of having a consistent marketing strategy as well as a solid platform for marketing implementation, especially when coordinating sales.

The program highlights the complex consumer decision-making process of B2B brands and the best way to develop your go-to-market strategies. It also delves into sales force management and how to address the challenges of channel distribution and variable compensation. You also learn about B2B pricing to address the complexity of contracts and brand strategies for competitive advantage.

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