Advanced Value Investing


Advanced Value Investing

Course Dates:
09/05/2023 To 11/05/2023

USD $ 6250

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Building on our popular Value Investing program, the Advanced Value Investing program provides a deeper dive into the world of value investing. It explores how the practice has evolved since its inception and provides cutting-edge insights and best practices for the future of investing in a world of disruption and ever-changing trends in the market.

The practice of value investing is flexible and tactical. It uses techniques that are specific to the problem at hand and extends to investments beyond public equities. Advanced value investing emphasizes investing in compounders— companies that can reinvest capital at returns of invested capital well above the costs of capital, have large total addressable markets so that they can grow with the market and “compound” for long periods of time, and are careful in the evaluation of the risks of the business operations of the firm.

The program delves deeply into the logic compounders, both conceptually and in practice, followed by an analysis of the disruption and changing trends in the market. Two case studies help exemplify and deepen the understanding of disruption risks, equipping the participants to understand trends beyond standard diversification arguments.

Finally, the program explores slow-moving consumer trends by examining industries like healthcare, education, and leisure, leaving the participants better equipped to position their investment portfolio.

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