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Emotional Intelligence for the New Normal

Vanderbilt University’s Shayna Humphrey on how to gain the resilience, composure and self-management needed to lead others effectively through challenging times


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In the context of a global crisis we have looked to leaders who can couple their requisite industry knowledge with attributes of exceptional self-control and poise.

In a recent IEDP webinar, we welcomed emotional intelligence expert and Adjunct Professor at Vanderbilt University, Shayna Humphrey to unpack these intrapersonal attributes—that are born of high emotional intelligence, and which enable leaders to steady their teams, motivate high performance, and deliver meaningful results, even under trying conditions.

Given the need for highly emotionally intelligent leaders in this unprecedented time, this webinar targeted the development of specific, self-management skills to help executives:

  • Navigate uncertainty,
  • Manage emotional reactivity, and,
  • Reduce the negative consequences of significant levels of stress.

Armed with the skills of self-awareness and self-regulation, executive leaders can strengthen the resilience and composure needed to effectively manage themselves so that they may lead others well in the face of challenging and changing circumstances.

About the Speaker

Shayna Humphrey, M.Ed., Adjunct Professor Owen Graduate School of Management, Vanderbilt University, has over twenty years of experience in designing and delivering executive education programs to organizations such as HCA, MARS, Exxon-Mobil and more. Professor Humphrey’s work explores the impact that emotional intelligence has on organizational leadership and its ability to build stronger and more resilient businesses.

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