Executive Negotiation Workshop: Negotiate with Confidence


Executive Negotiation Workshop: Negotiate with Confidence

Course Dates:
20/06/2022 To 24/06/2022

USD $ 11845

Language of Instruction:

The Executive Negotiation Workshop: Negotiate with Confidence is in a class by itself within the category of negotiations seminars. It will provide you with individualized, personality-based insights as well as a detailed map of the hidden psychology underlying negotiation moves and tactics. You will come away with both enhanced negotiation capabilities and the confidence you need to apply these skills effectively in every aspect of your life.

The workshop attracts executives making transitions to leadership roles that require negotiation skills as well as seasoned negotiation professionals. Past participants have included nonprofit leaders, scientists advancing to leadership roles in the pharmaceutical industry, sales professionals from the technology sector, chief procurement officers, entrepreneurs, leaders of major government departments from both the U.S. and abroad, United Nations diplomats, Navy SEALs, and FBI crisis negotiators. No matter what your role or level of experience, you will learn how to build collaborative relationships as you successfully negotiate deals, disputes, budgets, and new initiatives.

The program features two of Wharton’s most dynamic faculty: G. Richard Shell, author of the award-winning book Bargaining for Advantage: Negotiation Strategies for Reasonable People and one of the world’s foremost authorities on negotiations, and Cade Massey, leader of the Wharton School’s People Analytics Initiative and specialist in data-driven decision making. Between them, Professors Shell and Massey have won every teaching award the Wharton School offers.

Participants have reported that this program transformed them professionally. Decades later, they write that it was a turning point in their careers.




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