Diploma in Sustainable Business - Program Overview


Global Account Manager Certification Program

Course Dates:
20/02/2017 To 12/03/2017

CHF Fr 26500

Language of Instruction:

By focusing on leadership issues in the context of global customer business, participants develop a Value Creation Proposal for taking a global customer relationship or a customer program to the next level. On average, these proposals create a payback of total program costs of factor 10.

The GAM Certification Program develops high-potential account managers into true global business leaders by building capabilities to meet today’s and tomorrow’s business challenges. Designed for the elite, next- generation global account managers, GCP’s curriculum focuses on the critical success factors for driving revenue, growth and profitability with strategic customers:

Understanding the global business environment.

Creating, delivering and measuring value.

Mastering the global account manager role.

Driving the firm’s growth agenda.

Leading the transformation to customer-centricity.

The GCP is also designed to meet the expectations business leaders have of executive education. First and foremost, it is truly global in its outlook and content, focusing on key global business issues throughout the five- module program. Not only do we assemble thought leaders from around the world to impart knowledge, but our multicultural participant roster offers engagement with peers from diverse backgrounds and assignments.

The GCP is also a multidisciplinary program, providing a broad, comprehensive curriculum that utilizes a collaborative learning model and an integrated approach. Perhaps most importantly, the GCP emphasizes practical application by featuring an impressive list of practitioner guest speakers and teaching in context with current work challenges at every turn.

University of St. Gallen, Executive School of Management, Technology and Law

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