Agile Sustainability Management for Business


Agile Sustainability Management for Business

Course Dates:
22/03/2022 To 21/06/2022

CHF Fr 6900

Language of Instruction:

As we come closer to reaching our planetary boundaries, leaders are recognizing that business-as-usual is no longer an option. Companies face increasing pressure to address urgent environmental challenges such as climate change, biodiversity loss, pollution and waste, and social challenges such as gender equality, human rights, and local community development. To remain viable and thrive in the future, businesses must actively change, engaging in circular and sustainable strategic models.

Such integral transformation is no simple task. Leaders must build their knowledge and skills in sustainability, while nimbly adapting to a rapidly changing, complex, and uncertain world. By building key sustainability knowledge while leveraging an agile mindset, skills and tools, this Programme provides leaders and managers with a powerful foundation from which to develop and implement practical and impact-focused sustainability strategies.

Agile Sustainability Management for Business prepares you to take charge of your company’s future. You will leave with a deep understanding of the issues, trends, challenges and opportunities driving corporate sustainability management today; the skills and tools to enact agile leadership and management in your role; a prototype and roadmap to support you in realizing, implementing and managing sustainability in your business; a community of like-minded peers; and, a network of experts and practitioners prepared to contribute hands-on support as you lead, manage and innovate for sustainability.

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