Winter Course in Corporate Communication


Winter Course in Corporate Communication

Course Dates:
20/01/2020 To 23/01/2020

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Language of Instruction:

Do you work in corporate communication or related fields? Our four-day Winter Course is an excellent opportunity to deepen and expand your knowledge of corporate communication. You will acquire an in-depth view of the latest developments, tools, and practical and academic insights into subjects such as organisational identity, corporate branding, strategic reputation management and strategic corporate communication.

Afterwards, you will be able to put into practice what you have learned and help your organisation optimise its communications based on academic insights and best practices.

Course objectives

The following objectives are identified for the Winter Course:

  • Explore the theoretical foundations of corporate communication (stakeholder theory, identity and branding)
  • Apply theoretical frameworks to diagnose and describe the identity of your organisation
  • Develop an identity-led communication strategy and positioning for your organisation
  • Acquire a deep understanding of the power of brands for customers and organisations
  • Learn how a firm’s brand portfolio (including both product and corporate brands) can be leveraged for growth
  • Reflect on how internal and external processes affect corporate reputation and brand equity in the long-term
  • Apply the generic strategies (differentiation, cost leadership and focus) for a new business idea
  • Distinguish the three first mover advantages (technological leadership, preemption of assets, buyer switching costs)
  • Acquire a deep understanding of Porter’s five forces analysis
  • Reflect on the six path framework to reconstruct market boundaries and to move into a blue ocean strategy
  • Apply tools to systematise, reflect upon and describe communication objectives aligned to corporate goals
  • Understand the concept of agility, its drivers, and its relevance for corporate communication
  • Reflect on the challenges and opportunities of agility for communication professionals.
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