The Strategy Consultants' Approach to Problem Solving - Program Overview


The Strategy Consultants' Approach to Problem Solving

Course Dates:
06/06/2017 To 07/06/2017

EUR € 2100

Language of Instruction:

Improve your problem solving skills during this two-day programme. This programme will boost your effectiveness in finding solutions to strategic business problems.  You will learn a variety of best practice methods and techniques as developed by top global management consulting firms such as McKinsey & Company and BCG . In two days you will learn how to identify a problem, how to handle the planning, communication, and the successful implementation of your solution.

Before the start of the programme, you will be asked to identify a strategic issue you face in your work. Together with faculty and peers, you will work on defining an approach to solving it.

During the programme you will:

  • gain more confidence as your ‘toolbox’ of available solutions for business problems grows
  • learn the business problem solving methods and techniques used by top management consulting firms 
  • understand how to use these methods and techniques, its limitations and common pitfalls
  • practise your newly gained skills via case discussions, small group exercises, and presentations.

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