Sustainable Finance


Sustainable Finance

Course Dates:
09/12/2020 To 12/12/2020

EUR € 3075

Language of Instruction:

Business is moving to long-term value creation, combining financial, social and environmental values. How can finance contribute, or even speed up, this transition to a sustainable economy? What are the pathways and challenges for the financial sector to sustainable investing and lending?

Long-term value creation

In the transition to a sustainable economy, the key challenge is to integrate the financial, social and environmental dimensions in the long term. This three-day RSM Executive Education programme addresses the why, what and how of sustainable finance. You will learn practical tools for implementing sustainable investing and lending, and discuss the need for change management.

Leading academics and experts on asset management and banking will show you how social and environmental dimensions can be integrated without sacrificing return. You will be able to contribute to a financial sector which fulfils its role in society by allocating funds towards sustainable companies and projects.

The programme will show you the newest methods for sustainable investing and lending, which you can adopt in your own business.

Learning objectives

During the programme, you will:

  • learn how to link finance to sustainability challenges
  • understand the sustainability transition of the global economy
  • learn how companies and financial institutions can adapt to a more sustainable economic model
  • gain knowledge about the newest approaches in sustainable investing and lending
  • learn how to set up an active dialogue and engage with companies
  • discover practical tools to implement sustainable investing and lending in your organisation
  • get access to an international network of academics and practitioners.

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