Strategic Contracting for CapEx Projects


Strategic Contracting for CapEx Projects

Course Dates:
13/05/2019 To 14/05/2019

EUR € 2500

Language of Instruction:

With a volatile supply chain and multiple interdependent variables, contracting for engineering and construction projects is a complex process. This two-day programme will provide you with a structured, research-driven and practical way to divide the scope of work into contract packages that can be marketed to multiple clients.

Mange your projects successfully

Optimising risk allocation and division of work for an engineering or construction project can be a headache. Experience, intuition and the rule-of-thumb are not enough to address complicated trade-offs between elements within the project. Successfully managing a project definitely requires a more structured and quantitative approach.

Methodically developing a contracting strategy, using insights from decision science for managing supply chains, provides the framework for this two-day programme. This structures the discussion of the central issue of risk pricing for contracts with long execution times. The approach is pragmatic and interactive, with plenty of examples.

Prof. Finn Wynstra from RSM and Dr Kees Berends, an experienced senior contract manager, will also cover what happens after the strategy has been developed – qualification, invitation to tender, negotiation, award, contract management and finally, claims.

Learning objectives

After this RSM Executive Education programme, you will be able to:

  • techniques for optimising contracting for projects
  • skills to view and consider contracting strategy and sourcing from every aspect
  • fundamental knowledge for developing contracting strategies
  • confidence in assessing invitations to tender and checking whether they are fit for purpose
  • better tools for assessing financial risks in large-scale (CapEx) contracts.

RSM - Rotterdam School of Management

Tel : 31 (0) 10 408 22 22



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