Fintech: from strategy to implementation


Fintech: from strategy to implementation

Course Dates:
11/11/2019 To 13/11/2019

EUR € 3100

Language of Instruction:

As fintech continues to bring disruption to the finance industry, how can executives effectively respond to the innovations it brings – and benefit from them? This programme will deepen your understanding of fintech and the effect of innovations such as blockchain and artificial intelligence on the financial services industry. You will be equipped to identify and implement such opportunities in your own organisation.

Fintech is here to stay, and it changes everything

Fintech is reshaping the financial services industry in an unprecedented way. As the market matures, more and more fintechs are enablers, not disruptors. To effectively leverage fintech opportunities and remain competitive in this new environment, financial firms need to adapt their culture and business models to support fintech innovations.

This three-day programme from RSM Executive Education is taught by industry pioneer and entrepreneur Daniel Liebau. It will equip you with an understanding of the latest and emerging fintech innovations, and their impact on the financial industry and beyond. Using real business cases, you will gain strategic insights into developing a mindset for growth, and for managing fintech opportunities in your organisation.

Learning objectives

After completing the programme, you will:

  • have the mindset needed to create a culture that supports innovation
  • be familiar with the history of innovation in finance
  • understand how fintech innovations - such as those based on distributed ledger technology - are transforming the financial services industry
  • know how to create value with fintech innovations in large financial organisations, for example through the application of machine learning
  • be able to leverage fintech opportunities for your organisation
  • have a basic understanding of innovation governance and agile management
  • be able to apply design thinking to the financial services industry
  • apply your knowledge in practice using your own fintech business case.

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