Essentials of Strategy - Program Overview


Essentials of Strategy

Course Dates:
26/06/2017 To 27/06/2017

EUR € 1850

Language of Instruction:

Competitive advantages erode. So how can you create a new competitive edge for your company? And once it is established, how do you sustain it? Contributing to the future of your company in the face of a turbulent environment demands strategic thinking.  This two-day Essentials of Strategy programme gives you a solid understanding of what strategy is, and how to get best results through creating strategic advantage.

RSM Executive Education developed this programme for you to gain the strategic and analytical skills you need to work with the key elements of strategy. These skills will enable you to tackle contemporary business challenges, and to recognise competitive advantage potentials that can benefit you and your organisation.

During the programme, you will:

  • acquire state-of-the-art knowledge and practical skills in the essentials of strategy
  • build skills to analyse industries and their competition, and understand their effect on strategy
  • understand how to identify and develop organisational competencies and capabilities
  • develop analytical skills to formulate and conceptualise strategies
  • learn skills to identify the major challenges in implementing strategy
  • experience first-hand how to devise an action plan to tackle your business challenges.

RSM - Rotterdam School of Management

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