Digital Strategy


Digital Strategy

Course Dates:
19/11/2018 To 30/11/2018

EUR € 3450

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Is your company struggling to respond effectively to digital opportunities and threats? And are you eager to embrace disruptive technologies by understanding how to compete in a digital age? If you want to confidently assess the dynamics of the digital landscape, and formulate a sound strategic response, then this course is for you.

Influence, drive, and implement effective digital strategies

This three-day workshop will help you and your company to take advantage of emerging disruptive technologies that are threatening to disrupt your industry, such as the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and block chain. You will learn how to effectively compete in tomorrow’s digital landscape by anticipating digital trends and competitors’ responses. You will become a better strategic advisor who can influence, drive, and implement effective digital strategies.

Our digital business strategy expert will teach you how to embed a digital agenda in your organisation, for example in online marketing. You will foster a strategic view of digital disruptions that will help you capture the strategic implications of digital trends for your department or organisation.

Learning objectives

After this RSM Executive Education programme, you will be able to:

- recognise the impact and strategic implications of disruptive digital technologies on your industry

- identify the challenges by understanding how digital technologies influence business functions

- understand and manage digital ecosystems, electronic markets, and multi-sided platforms

- turn disruption from threat into opportunity by experimenting with digital initiatives

- capture new value for your organisation in anticipation of industry shifts by sharpening your strategic view of digital disruption.

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