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Courageous Conversations for Women

Course Dates:
04/11/2016 To 04/11/2016

EUR € 750

Language of Instruction:

This workshop explores the vital elements of ‘courageous conversations’, faced by women who lead in today’s complex global environment. Working alongside other female leaders, we provide you with a powerful and provocative yet safe environment to guide and develop your understanding and skills in practical ways that will directly influence your leadership impact.

Becoming a leader requires a significant voice in your leadership team, your division, on your board, or in your industry or organisation – but the rules are often obscure. This RSM workshop is designed to influence your actions as much as your knowledge and awareness.

You will discover what makes particular conversations in your context require courage and examine the impact of various leadership styles in crucial conversations, and how to stretch your leadership range. You will also increase your capacity to integrate various leadership styles while remaining authentic. Using real case studies – including your own – you will apply your new knowledge in practical ways that can be applied in your organisation, and that allow honest feedback.

David Bond brings a unique range of global leadership experience to this one-day applied leadership workshop from the Erasmus Centre for Women in Organisations at RSM. The workshop is geared towards real-life impact, and is based on global research.

RSM - Rotterdam School of Management

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