Advanced Reputation Management - Program Overview


Advanced Reputation Management

Course Dates:
12/12/2017 To 14/12/2017

EUR € 2500

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Organisations with strong reputations are better able to attract the best and most appropriate stakeholders such as customers, investors and employees, so it’s logical that organisations attach great importance to building, maintaining and protecting their corporate reputations.

This three-day course in Advanced Reputation Management, part of the MSc Corporate Communication, gives a comprehensive overview of the latest academic knowledge and best practices for managing reputations. It focuses specifically on topics such as:

  • the academic theories behind the effect of reputation and its consequences in business practice
  • can reputation managers be blamed for the humiliation of the financial industry during the credit crisis?
  • reputation risk management
  • the relationship between research into public opinion, its theories and reputation
  • the pros and cons of methods for measuring reputation and how to transfer reputation research in your communication strategy and actions
  • the effect of your organisation’s reputation on the behaviour of employees, financial audiences, governments, customers and recruitment stakeholders. the impact of advertising and news on reputation
  • developing a professional strategy for managing your organisation’s reputation


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