Making Artificial Intelligence Work for You


Making Artificial Intelligence Work for You

Course Dates:
27/03/2018 To 29/03/2018

CAD $ 6500

Language of Instruction:

This three-day intensive course on the business of artificial intelligence (AI) is designed to introduce executives to the opportunities and risks associated with this new technology. To our knowledge, it is the first course in the world of its kind.

AI is poised to infiltrate all industries and markets. Globally, AI skills are increasingly valuable. Businesses at the frontier have begun to take advantage of machine learning to grow and transform their strategies. But what is real and what is hype? How can AI add value to your organization within the next 18 months? How should you plan for the next 3–5 years? What capabilities do you need to start investing in today to position yourself for tomorrow?

Leaders need a deep understanding of what AI can do in order to position their organizations for the upcoming wave of competition based on AI, similar in some ways to what we experienced 20 years ago with the arrival of the internet.

Rotman’s Creative Destruction Lab and Executive Programs offer this new course to provide this understanding. The course is not technical. It does not take a computer science perspective on the topic. Rather, it focuses on the economics of AI and the implications for business.


Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto

Tel : 416-978-8815



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