Inclusion by Design


Inclusion by Design

Course Dates:
19/04/2022 To 28/04/2022

CAD $ 5160

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Rotman brings a new approach to designing for inclusion.

Achieving inclusion is a top priority for most organizations today. However, despite system wide attempts to improve inclusion, there has been little tangible progress and poorly designed interventions have even resulted in unintended consequences. For example, some organizations that implemented mandatory diversity training had 6% fewer black women in management positions after five years. At the individual level, backlash effects can occur if trainees resent being selected for diversity training and view training as punishment for prior insensitive behaviour.

"There is substantial research to show that diversity is linked with increased profitability, creativity and stronger governance. However, to achieve these results, D&I can't be a one-time campaign or a one-off initiative."
Avni Shah »

To be successful, inclusion innovations need to be user-centric, easy to adopt and evidence-based. By understanding barriers to inclusion from a user-centric lens, we can better design policies and process that actually work.

The First of Its Kind

There are breakthroughs available at the intersection of behavioural insights, data analytics and design thinking.

For the first time, Rotman School of Management experts in diversity and inclusion, behavioural economics, design thinking and data analytics have come together to deliver a first-of-its-kind 3-day program to innovate for inclusion.

"Business Design's human-centred approach to innovation truly facilitates a more inclusive culture. Its toolbox helps build empathy toward colleagues, customers and stakeholders. Its frameworks can drive impact for both your people and bottom line."
Angèle Beausoleil »

Topics include:

  • Why current initiatives fail
  • Real data on which practices work and which don’t
  • Simulations
  • Detailed debriefs
  • Hands-on exercises designing new initiatives

Inclusion by Design is for leaders and organization looking for disruptive and evidence-backed ways to design, implement and evaluate inclusion practices that actually work. Whether it’s hiring, retention or compensation, use a new approach to move past acceptance to true inclusion so you can engage, energize, inspire and benefit from diversity with greater success. 


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