GettingItDone®: Achieve Organizational and Team Success Through Better Execution


GettingItDone®: Achieve Organizational and Team Success Through Better Execution

Course Dates:
22/05/2020 To 22/05/2020

CAD $ 1350

Language of Instruction:

GettingItDone® is a hands-on management seminar featuring highlights from the award-winning MBA course at the Rotman School of Management. "It" being your vision – it's all about execution!

Over the course of the day you will get to work through seven, tested and proven, effectiveness management tools that are designed to help you make immediate and effective changes back at your place of work. These tools include:

  1. Decision Making Methods (Who should be in the room)
  2. Consensus Decision Making (How to get /where you need commitment & support)
  3. Cross Functional Excellence (XFX) tool to clarify inter-dependencies within a team, across functions … ('Who' is on first, 'What' is on Second …)
  4. Performance Agreement (Basic tool to provide role clarity and accountability for any position)
  5. Managerial Styles Assessment and Model, and situational management (Are you the "bull in the china shop"? Self-assessment to be done in advance)
  6. Meetings Process Assessment (Can we reduce the time we waste in meetings?)
  7. Monday Morning Action List (WHAT has to get done by WHO by WHEN - more execution and accountability)


Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto

Tel : 416-978-8815



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