Global Supply Chain Innovation in a Changing Environment


Global Supply Chain Innovation in a Changing Environment

Course Dates:
11/09/2017 To 15/09/2017

USD $ 8950

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Supply Chain and Innovation? For most leaders, innovation is more closely associated with new products, markets, or technology. But innovative thinking in addressing the supply chain can lead to significant top and bottom-line improvement. Take lean processes to new levels of effectiveness by applying a proven approach to innovative thinking addressing operations planning, creative sourcing options, risk management and more. By capitalizing on the expansive perspective and inclusive approaches found in applying the Competing Values Framework to supply chain challenges, you'll return to work with new skills bringing agility to respond to the constantly evolving environment. You'll also return to work with a plan to get started making improvements immediately.

Modeled after a long-running customized program for one of the largest manufacturing companies on the planet, the concepts, perspectives--and outcomes from this new five-day program will change the way you think about supply chain management and the way you do business. Faculty members have decades of experience working with innovative companies such as GE, Apple, Google, Cummins, Merck, and Bank of America making them the world's leading experts in this arena.


Michigan Ross School of Business, University of Michigan

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