Finance for the Nonfinancial Manager - Hong Kong


Finance for the Nonfinancial Manager - Hong Kong

Course Dates:
21/11/2017 To 24/11/2017

USD $ 6900

Language of Instruction:

As a non-financial manager, having a better understanding of finance can help you make sound decisions for the firm. This program can help you improve communication with finance executives, better understand the impact of financial decisions on the firm’s profitability, and enhance your ability to use financial analysis in decision making.

The higher you climb on the corporate ladder, the more financial information you are expected to interpret and utilize when making business decisions — regardless of whether you’re in sales, marketing, operations, or human resources. If you are the manager of a group or division, you are probably responsible for creating value in your area and reporting it to others in financial terms. Managers who have excellent “people skills” still need to enhance their financial skills in order to be well rounded and effective. Understanding financial analysis, reporting, and decision making does not require a degree in business economics — all you need to know are the basics.

Faculty approach finance from both functional and general management perspectives. A focus on both accounting and finance will help you develop a balanced understanding of the language and requirements of financial expectations and performance. Additionally, you’ll learn how to evaluate a project’s financial attractiveness from a shareholder’s perspective.

Michigan Ross School of Business, University of Michigan

Tel : +1 734 763 1000



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